Monday, August 20

award and end of trip!

How pitiful, a week gone by since my last post. I apologize to the couple of people who might actually care. ;)

Moving on...I was awarded! Thanks so much, Piper!! It is the Liebster award again (that's been going around quite a bit lately), so this time I'm just going to answer her questions. Sorry. No time for awarding other peoples...and my answers are going to be pretty short. :P I'm in a terrible rush (which will be explained). :) Anyway, here are her questions!

1) Do you like Owl City? (I'm sorry, I had to)
    Their tunes are catchy...sorry, but I don't like them all that much. ;)

2) What is your favorite blog post (on your blog)?
    Ummmm......I don't know. I'll think about it. Maybe update with the answer.

3) What do you do when you're home alone?
    It's been a while since I've been home Listen to music? Call a friend and talk to her on the phone?

4) What do you think makes your blog fun to read?
    Umph. It's honest?

5) How often do you wear headphones/earbuds?
    Not that often, actually - I love listening to music, but it's usually just out loud - on the radio, YouTube, my bro's iTouch....for some reason, I can't get earbuds (most of the time) to stay in my ears. This can sometimes be very annoying.

6) Do you like writing? If so, how dedicated do you think you are to it?
    Yup. Not dedicated at all. ;)

7) What's your favorite thing about music?
    It's one beautiful way to worship our Savior.

8) If you could have any pet (that you can actually legitly have), what would it be?
    A chinchilla. Totally legit. ;) (Okay, maybe not really...)

9) Do you like painting?
    Um, yes, I would, only I can't remember the last time I painted... :P

10) Do you like rain?

11) What inspires you?
      God. Er, wait, you asked "what" Does that count? Cuz it's totally true.

And...guess what, peoples? (Note: the following is my explanation for the terrible rush.)


You know, back from our summer trip? Which, by the way, I have had an amazingly fantastic time this summer! And now...I am SO happy to see my friends! Soon. Very soon.

Annd...since we just drove up to the house, like, five minutes ago, I'm not going to sit here on the computer. Moi has work to do. Lots of it.

Farewell!! Love and blessings to all!


Asmita said...

Loved your blog,followed you! Please follow me back at:

Asmita <3

Nicole said...

Thanks, Asmita! Glad you liked my little writing spot. Going to check out your blog now! :)

Chloe Salts said...

Hey! I nominated you! --->