Tuesday, February 28

11 Things Tag & Giveaway at Girlz of God!!

First off:
I am a despicable human being.
(Or blogger.)
I know it, I know it, I know it. I've been blogging so much less. But today, today is a new day. Today the sun shines, today the wind comes from a different direction, today, my friends, I blog anew.

Enough with that nonsense. On with the post.

--Quoted from This Solid Ground, by Rose (it's exactly what I wanted to say, and I couldn't say it any better. :) Thanks, Rose! And I love that movie, btw.)

Just the thing I need to revive this blog!  Which is already, even, slightly abandoned.  :( Actually, as I told Sarah Elizabeth, who so graciously tagged me, I haven't really abandoned it - I just don't post when I think about it and know that I really should.  There's a difference.  ;)

So, here we go - the '11 Things Tag' is where you share 11 random things about yourself, answer the tagger's 11 questions, make up 11 questions for the people that you tag, and tag 11 people (or however many you want).  Pretty cool, huh?  I thought so, too.  That's why I'm doing it.  ;)  (I really like to end my paragraphs with smiley faces, huh?)

11 Random Things About Me...
1) I have three brothers and absolutely love them!!!
2) I love the warm, glowing, radiant light that the setting sun kisses everything with in the evening.
3) I can pretty much quote the whole movie The Princess Bride.
4) I'm homeschooled and I love it!
5) I listen only to Christian music (LOVE it!!), and I love K-Love, JoyFM, and Spirit FM.
6) I love writing.
7) I'm saving my first kiss for my wedding day.
8) I went on a road trip with my family for about 5 months about a year ago, at the end of 2010.  Yup, all six of us were crammed into our RV traveling around the Eastern United States (yeah, after much thought, we finally decided that it would be a good idea to take the boys along with us - haha, just kidding!).
9) Also, in 2008, my family went to Alaska for about two weeks...SO much fun!!! Beautiful!!
10) I absolutely love the move Courageous!!
11) I don't wear make-up (except for a bit of lip gloss every once in a while).

11 Questions from Sarah Elizabeth...
1) Of what are you most afraid?  Fear itself, I guess...that's the scariest thing.
2) What is your favorite book of the Bible?  Oh, that's a hard question!!  I would have to say that some of the top are Psalms, Proverbs, the Gospel of John, and 1, 2, & 3 John.
3) How many times have you been on an airplane?  Um, let me count...six times.
4) What is your favorite TV show?  To be honest, I don't have one!
5) Are you more of a morning or night person?  I'm a total night owl!  But I can get up early pretty easily if I need to.
6) Which musical instrument do you wish you could play?  La guitarra...mi hermano Nicholas toca la guitarra.  ;)  (Translation: The guitar...my brother Nicholas plays guitar.)
7) What is one of the best things that has happened in your life?  Obviously, accepting Jesus Christ into my life and into my heart as my Lord and Savior.  ;)
8) Do you prefer casual or dress clothes?  Casual, totally!!  I don't mind dressing up, but I'm so much more comfortable in jeans and a fun shirt.
9) Would you ever consider going bungee jumping?  Yes!! I would have so much fun!!
10) What is your favorite day of the week? Any particular reason why?  Uh, I don't know!  It really depends on my schedule - and I could go through explaining my current schedule, but I'll spare you the boredom and just say that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays are my favorite days as of late.
11) If you were able to invite any person (living or dead) over to your house for the day, who would you pick? Why?  Well, Jesus, for obvious reasons.  How amazing would it be to stand in the Presence of the One Who died and rose for me, graciously forgiving all my sin and conquering the grave, even when I was ignorant towards Him?  Wow!!  About a mortal human being, though, I would have to say someone like Amy Carmichael, but I'm not sure.  :)  I would SO love to meet her!!

11 Questions for You... (and, btw - sorry! - I'm stealing some other people's questions :P)
1) Favorite school subject?
2) Did you ever have some kind of weird tick or obsession or something (i. e., I used to chew ice all. the. time.)?
3) Favorite Bible verse(s)?
4) How long have you been blogging?
5) What are you most afraid of?
6) Favorite book/series (if you like to read - and other than the Bible)?
7) Are modesty and purity important things to you? Why?
8) What is one kinda crazy adventure-thing you would love to do? Be creative!
9) A pic of your favorite earrings (or piece of jewelry), or just describe them.
10) How long is the longest you've slept in? 10am? 2pm?
11) Do you mostly use a 'real' Bible or an electronic one (like, Biblegateway.com, YouVersion, etc.)?

And, OK, I'm not tagging 11 people, but 4 will have to do, m'kay?  I tag...

As well as anyone and everyone else who wants to do this! ;)

Also, Talia is having an amazing giveaway at her blog, Girlz of God!  So sorry I didn't post about this earlier, hope anyone who sees this sees it in time!  The generous giveaway items are all absolutely gorgeous! :)

God bless everyone!!