Friday, December 30


You know God is real?  Really, really real.  He’s personal.  And He’s powerful.

God never changes.  It kind of hit me a few days ago while listening to Misty Edwards sing a song about it – our God is the same Almighty God who can move mountains!  Literal mountains!  If He can do that, what do you think He can do with the mountains in your life?  And I don’t mean change your circumstances, although that would often be very nice, huh?  I mean change you.  Change me.  ’Cause, boy, do we need to be changed!!  How unlike God we are!  Yet Jesus still came to save us.

And you know what?  He can give us victory!!  He can give us the triumph over the things that hold us down, the fear, the shame, guilt, apathy, feelings of worthlessness, stress, worry, unbelief, loveless-ness - all of that, and more.  He can actually give us victory over those things!  We don't have to live in slavery!  We can be free!!!  He is the God over ALL things, the Creator, the King of kings and the Lord of lords!!

Wow.  I just revel in it all.  How much God loves us.  How much Jesus sacrificed for us.  How faithful God is.  How unchanging, unshakable, and powerful He is!!  He is God.  And that’s really just the way it is.  <3

Tuesday, December 27

IHOP and Intercession

Hey, all!  I'm 'in' (via the internet) the prayer room right now at IHOP (International House of Prayer) in Kansas City, Missouri...just wanted to share. ;) Also, soon, at 5pm (our time, EST; 4pm their time, CST), Misty Edwards will be leading the worship during the time of intercession!! Misty Edwards is an incredible artist in Christian music (and gifted in intercession); you have probably heard her song, "You Won't Relent" (also sung by Jesus Culture). Here's a link to a video on YouTube of her singing it live at IHOP:

This week(end) at IHOP they're hosting something called onething, starting tomorrow and ending Saturday. You can look at the details here.

So, as much I would absolutely love to be there, I can't, so I'll settle for in the internet. I already know that the Holy Spirit can work very powerfully in even what we do and watch and listen to on the watching live services at my church and being part of a community of Christ-following teen girls led by an amazing Christian author on her blog and all that good stuff. ;)

I've been learning a lot about intercession...I got a book called Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, by Cindy Jacobs, for Christmas, recommended by some of our friends, and here is what Mrs. Jacobs says on pages 57-58 at the beginning of Chapter 5 (no, I'm not there yet, but I was skimming through the book when I first got it and this stuck with me; words in brackets are mine):

There has been some controversy today about the ministry of intercession. Some say that there is no such thing as the gift of intercession - that God calls the whole Body to be intercessors. Others who feel a special call of God upon their lives to intercede are confused and say, "Where is my place in the Body if there is no gift of intercession? I know that I have a unique drawing from the Lord to stand in the gap [Ezekiel 22:30]. I spend hours every day alone with God praying for the nations of the world, my church, my own country and its leader."

Which side is right? They both are. From the viewpoint of ministry we are all to pray and intercede like Jesus, our example. From the viewpoint of giftedness a vast number of people are also called specifically to be intercessors. The difference is that one level of intercession is the responsibility of every Christian, and the other is a gift that God bestows and is part of the biblical ministry of helps. Some who receive the gift of intercession receive a future gifting to become prayer leaders. God uses them not only to intercede but to teach others the secrets of intercession.
Then she goes on to explain how she has experienced these things in her life. Three things I really like about Mrs. Jacobs is how honest she is, how personal she is, and how humble she is. It has been a joy so far reading this book.

Anyway, I totally agree with what she said about the responsibility of everyone who follows Christ to intercede in prayer, but that also there are people who are especially burdened for intercession. Some do it through music, there is often prophetic intercession, and some simply pray, connecting with their Lord Jesus Christ.

Also, she quoted Dick Eastman from his book Love on Its Knees at the beginning of this chapter:

An intercessor is a man or woman - or child - who fights on behalf of others. As such, intercession is the activity that identifies us most with Christ. To be an intercessor is to be like Jesus because that is what Jesus is like. He ever lives to intercede.
I don't know if I agree so much with the part where he says that intercession is "the activity that identifies us most with Christ", but I certainly and strongly agree with everything else.

So. These are just some things to ponder. I find them all very inspiring and teaching (that isn't the grammatically correct word to use in this instance, is it? ah, well - you get what I mean...geez, I'm such a perfectionist), and I pray that I will continue to learn exactly how exactly Christ is calling me to serve Him.

Glory be to God in the highest!!!


Monday, December 26

happy birthday, Jesus

(Note: This is a post from my former blog - with Weebly - that I posted on here the day after, just to get started.  I'll update soon - lots of amazing things to share!!!)

So I was sitting outside earlier, reveling in the gorgeous weather that seemed like God’s wrapped-with-a-bow gift for Christmas, and had the sudden urge to sing.  That’s what often happens to me when I experience God’s creation, just the simple beauty of the warmth of the sun on my head and the slight breeze in the air, rustling the leaves and tugging at my hair.

And so I sang.  I think when God fills our hearts with His endless joy and love and grace, there’s just no way that we can keep from joyfully praising Him in our response to His Holy Spirit.

How blessed we are.  Jesus came to us to save us.  You.  Me.  To erase our sin.  Completely, no strings attached, asking nothing in return.  But how can we not give Him our lives?  God has given us His very own Son as a sacrifice for our disgusting sinfulness – if He has done even this, how immeasurable is His love?  What other greater thing can He do to show His love for us?  If there is, He will surely do it, pouring His love out on us like no other being can do, like no other love in the universe.

“He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all—how will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things?”  --Romans 8:32

How can we, in our right minds, resist His love?  Why would we?  He’s not pointing a finger at us, berating us for our wrongdoings – far from it!  We’re the ones who drown ourselves in guilt, believing the devil’s lie that God could never love or forgive us.  God has given us His all, His very Spirit!!  I stand in awe before His powerful love.  It surges over me, in me, through me, with power unimaginable.

Sometimes the little things in life help us to remember God’s love for us.  The small beauties, the wind whispering through the trees, the laughter with friends at church, the sun shining.

thank You, Jesus.  thank You for loving me.  thank You for forgiving my sin.  oh, how i don’t deserve it!  but Your love for me is greater than my unworthiness.  thank You, my Savior, for loving me so much that You literally gave Yourself away, nailed to wood in sin and shame.  thank You for rising again and saving me!  i give you my life…please take it and use it in wondrous ways, to Your glory and in Your Name.  thank you, Jesus.

happy birthday, Jesus.  thank You for Your gift to me.  my life is my gift to You in return.

i love You.  thank You for loving me.