Monday, August 13

photo challenge pic

Here's the picture I'm entering in Ireland's photo challenge:

The photo challenge ends on the 15th, and even though I knew about it last month (when Ireland posted about it), I decided to wait until now, just in case I happened upon a better picture than any of the ones I had at the time. I'm glad I waited, because about a week and a half ago, I noticed these flowers outside of a library my mom and I went to, and I snapped a few quick pictures before hopping in the car. I'm so happy it turned out so great! (In my opinion, anyways, which might be just slightly biased.) I really didn't edit it all that much - it didn't need it. It's a beautiful flower.

Speaking of flowers...I have fallen in love with them. Ask my family; they'll immediately start complaining about how I constantly lag behind on nature trails nowadays because of my tendency to stop in delight of finding a new flower. And then take a million pictures of it, of course.

Please tell me you do that, too. No? Oh. I must be special, I guess. ;) Just kidding!

Back to what I was saying...I've taken so many pictures of flowers that I believe I'm going to do a flower post soon. But it'll have to be before we get back because I'll be too busy then, with school work and catching up with friends and all.

Anyway, I hope you liked the photo, and that you've had a wonderful start to your week! Love and blessings to you all. 


Ireland said...

I LOVE the picture!!! No I don't think your being biased, it is really good! And I am sooooo like that! Lagging behind on nature walks because of the flowers! We must both be special! :) Thanks sooooooo much for entering!!! I was really excited when I saw you had! :)

Quick question... I might seem kinda slow but are you home-schooled? You know I am, I just couldn't remember if you were! :)


p.s. Also are you allowed to enter giveaways? I know some people are not and I was just wondering... If you are then I'd love for you to enter mine if you'd like! If not that's fine! :)

Britt said...

I Love the picture!!! It is beautiful! I wanted to let you know I awarded you over on my blog-

I also wanted to let you know that I posted your interview with me today!!! Thanks so much for doing it with me :)

Have a wonderful day!!

Piper LaMore said...

I awarded you once again! :)

Aidyl Ewoh said...

That is one beautiful and amazing picture!

Nicole said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comments, girls! :)

EMMA said...

Cool photo! I would love it if you entered in mine...


Saeed Zia said...

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Libbie Doyle said...

What a pretty flower!!! I LOVE the water on it! So fresh! :)

Nice Work!